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Definitions and characteristics of cookies

Cookies and similar technologies are information that sites and apps send or read on your devices at the first visit, to then be retransmitted to same sites, app on the next visit. Thanks to these technologies, sites and apps memorize actions and preferences (such as, for example, login data, the chosen language, other display settings, etc.) so that they do not have to be indicated again at the next consultation of the Site.
These technologies are used to perform IT authentication, session monitoring and storage of information regarding activities of users who access a service and can also contain a unique identification code that allows users to track user navigation within the site for statistical or advertising purposes.
There are different types of cookies.
Depending on the storage time on your device, we can distinguish between session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the device is closed browsers and persistent cookies, which remain on your device until a specific date.
On the basis of the ownership of the treatment, we can, however, distinguish between first-party cookies, prepared by the data controller to whom it is referring to the website visited, and third-party cookies, prepared by a data controller to whom the website visited cannot be referred.
In line with the applicable legislation (this refers both to the Italian law applicable to the protection of personal data and to the GDPR), your prior consent for the use of cookies is not always required. In particular, this consent is not required for "technical cookies", such as those strictly necessary to allow navigation on the website.
Your prior consent is, however, required for non-anonymized "analytical" cookies and for profiling cookies, for example, those that provide statistical analysis on the use of a website or creating user profiles to send advertising messages in line with the preferences they have expressed during navigation.

Types of cookies used by the Site

While browsing the Site, you will receive the following cookies:

Instructions for disabling cookies via browser

Each user can configure their browser to not automatically accept cookies.
Here are some instructions for disabling cookies on the most popular browsers:

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